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Plunger Lift

Plunger lift system is a great application for wells with the following characterstics:


  • Wells that are being swabbed, soaped or intermitted.

  • Gas locked pumping wells

  • Wells susceptible to solids build up 

  • Intermittent Gas-lift wells with fallback problems 

  • High GOR oil wells 


Our Plunger lift team provides services such as:


  • Carry out a thorough assesment before the installation of plunger lift system on your well.

  • Recommend the best plunger set up based on your needs as well as well characteristics.

  • Install and maintain plunger lift equipment.

  • Optimize your production by carefully studying the behaviour of each well and MORE. 


Types of Plungers we provide:

  • Conventional                                 

    1. Dual Pad Plunger

    2. Spiral Plunger (Solid and Hollow)

    3. Brush Plunger

  • Continous/ By-pass plungers

    1. ​The Pacemaker

    2. Rapid falling Plunger with internal shift rod

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